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Origo is a not-for-profit, fintech company dedicated to improving outcomes for members by transforming the financial services industry’s operating efficiencies. By bringing together different industry organisations and groups in a non-competitive environment, we identify and address cost and efficiency issues.

Thanks to our Options Transfers service, pensions transfer times have dramatically reduced from c.50 working days to an average 11 calendar days, providing smooth, safe and faster transfers for members.

The new Options Bulk Transfers service delivers faster, safer transfers for the bulk movement of members and schemes by ensuring that throughout the process all data remains agreed. All changes and communications are visible, recorded and fully auditable in the Options Transfer service, enabling performance monitoring and reporting, and most importantly an improved service for your members.

Origo is responsible for a range of industry solutions from prototyping and developing pensions dashboard technology, legal frameworks, online and security services as well as standards.

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Simplify Consulting is a practitioner led consultancy business, operating within the Wealth Management, Life & Pensions, Transfer Agency and Banking sectors of financial services.  We comprise a team of fully qualified practitioners that share common values, principles and behaviours. We are experienced specialists in our own disciplines providing coverage across all aspects of the Financial Services market.  We have clients in all areas of the value chain so have valuable insight into the opportunities and challenges firms are faced with in the market today.

Our services are split into three core areas:
1. Build & Grow 
- Providing platform consultancy, for example helping platforms define and deliver strategic solutions for their legacy      books
- Outsourcing / Insourcing analysis and consultancy
- Digital proposition definition including helping to draw out customer journeys / user experience and digital advice          consultancy
- Front to back office integration analysis

2. Manage & Measure 
- Delivery of transformational change – including Programme/Project Management, Business Architecture, Business       Analysis, Testing and - Implementation
- Project assurance
- Risk consultancy including delivering regulatory change and risk framework implementation

3. Optimise & Save 
- Business process optimisation, delivering efficiency savings and ensuring those changes are embedded
- Capability model assessment – using our proprietary framework to assess the maturity of a business’s capability
- Operating model framework

We believe in a different kind of consulting.  

For further information please contact the Directors of the business: Kate Monserrate (kate@simplifyconsulting.co.uk) / Carl Woodward (carl@simplifyconsulting.co.uk) or visit our website: www.simplifyconsulting.co.uk 

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Funds People is the reference community for professionals in the investment funds sector in southern Europe (Spain, Andorra, Portugal and Italy) and Latin America.

Directed to professionals in the portfolio management and fund distribution, institutional investors and professionals of private banking. With daily information in Spanish through https://es.fundspeople.com/, Italian through https://it.fundspeople.com/ and Portuguese https://pt.fundspeople.com/ with the best analysis once a month in the magazine Funds People. 

The monthly magazine is direct distribution, personalized and free of charge for the subscriber, distributed exclusively to managers, institutional investors, pensions, custodians, distributors, private banks and consultants. The web offers current information and analysis about the most outstanding products. The daily newsletter summarizes the main news of the day.

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Ignites Europe is a Financial Times service covering the fund industry in Europe. Through a mix of original news stories and English-translated summaries from other publications across Europe, Ignites Europe provides all the news you need in one place. Updates are delivered straight to your inbox each business morning via email.

Ignites Europe is known and appreciated for its unique format which mixes world-class original reporting with summaries of relevant stories taken from other publications. Ignites Europe news coverage is focused on the following fund centres:

Nordic region 

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