08:30 Registration and networking coffee

Chair’s opening remarks

Jeremy Fawcett, Head of Platforum


Investment Distribution Dynamics in the UK and Europe

How successful asset managers are recognising that regulatory and other changes are increasing divergence between national markets and the ways they are reacting to this point of inflection.

Andrew Ashwood, Senior Analyst, Platforum


Keynote Panel Discussion

Asset management at a crossroads – the challenges and opportunities

Asset managers’ margins are under pressure from all directions: regulators, low-cost competitors, distributors, the Brexit process. Buoyed up by one of the longest ever bull markets, asset managers have been cushioned against shocks, but now markets have become bumpier and the wider environment is growing less forgiving. More than ever asset managers need to look out for the dangers and seek the changing opportunities.

Chaired by: Danby Bloch, Head of Editorial Strategy, Platforum


James Rainbow, Chief Executive, Schroders Personal Wealth 
Dame Helena Morrissey, Head of Personal Investing, Legal & General Investment Management
​Richard Wilson,
Chief Executive Officer, Interactive Investor


Headline sponsor presentation
Wade McDonald, Senior Director, Asset and Wealth Management, SS&C

10:30 Morning networking break

TRACK A: UK Fund Distribution

Chaired by: Danby Bloch, Head of Editorial Strategy, Platforum

Shaping future retirement patterns

The portfolios that clients need and want for decumulation in retirement are often different from those they choose in the accumulation stage. How should asset managers respond to these often different and more challenging needs?

TRACK B: European Fund Distribution

Chaired by: Richard Bradley, Research Director, Platforum

Pan-European developments in fund distribution

The European retail market for mutual funds is united by EU-wide regulatory rules. But the market is still deeply divided by national differences in regulation, tax and pension systems, distribution patterns and players as well as investment cultures. 


Investing for retirement

Advisers have reacted to the challenges of investing for decumulation with a range of strategies and solutions. Asset managers need to understand how different adviser sectors are behaving and who will be the winners and losers.

Andrew Ashwood, Senior Analyst, Platforum

The evolving pan-European market
How should asset managers and others in the value chain develop appropriate strategies for penetrating pan-European markets successfully? Is ESG finally becoming a mainstream issue for asset managers?

Richard Bradley, Research Director, Platforum


Panel Discussion

The retirement panel

What do consumers want and need? The multiplicity of solutions could mean that advisers and others in value chain have sorted it – or are simply confused. Will asset managers, DFMs, platforms and advisers provide the right solutions?

Chaired by: Malcolm Kerr, Independent Consultant


Sir Steve Webb, Director of Policy and External Communications, Royal London

Gerald Rehn, Head of International Product & Governance, BNY Mellon

William Allport, Senior Retirement Strategist, Vanguard

Adrian Boulding, Chief Innovation Officer, Spire Platform Solutions

Panel Discussion

Platforms at the data epicentre

Requirements around EMTs, KYC, ESG and share class proliferation are turning platforms into data businesses. How are platforms adapting to this, what more could they do and what challenges are yet to be overcome?

Chaired by:

Richard Bradley, Research Director, Platforum


Matt Newnham, Managing Director, MFEX
Roger Bootz, Head Distribution 3rd Party Fund Platforms Europe ex Germany, DWS International


Panel Discussion

How solutions are structured and what selectors are looking for?

Chaired by:

Danby Bloch, Head of Editorial Strategy, Platforum


Mike Roberts, UK MD & Head of Innovation, PortfolioMetrix

Roddi Vaughan-Thomas, Head of Communications and Marketing, Tatton Investment Management

Panel Discussion

The Brexit conundrum panel

The impact of Brexit on fund distribution into and out of the UK. How asset managers are finding solutions to the changes brought by the UK exiting the EU.


Sven Kasper, SVP & International Head of Regulatory, Industry and Government Affairs, State Street
Julie Patterson,
Head of Asset Management, Regulatory Change, KPMG LLP

12:30 Networking lunch break

TRACK A: Advised Distribution


Chaired by: Danby Bloch, Head of Editorial Strategy, Platforum

The adviser sector is easily the largest route to market in the UK and important in a number of continental markets. It is evolving rapidly with various versions of consolidation and vertical integration, but most of it remains fragmented.

TRACK B: D2C & Digital Investing


Chaired by: Jeremy Fawcett, Head of Platforum, Platforum

D2C and digital markets are growing fast among investors of all ages. Is D2C the future of fund distribution for all investors who feel priced out of the advice market and/or want less intrusive services?



Fund distribution in the UK adviser market

How should asset managers segment the adviser market? How are adviser propositions evolving? Which segments are the goldmines and which are the expensive swamps? Are platforms the key to penetrating the adviser market?

Andrew Ashwood and Danby Bloch, Platforum

Platforum Roundup

Jeremy Fawcett, Head of Platforum


Panel Discussion

Intermediated distribution

Adviser markets in UK are dominated by small firms – but this is changing as larger operators consolidate their smaller rivals and the banks gear up to enter the market. But the SME sector remains highly resilient.

Banks continue to dominate much of the continental market, but as UK seems to be getting more restricted, much of the rest of Europe may be growing more independent. Divergences in the implementation of MiFID ll have increased differences between markets. Which asset managers will benefit and which will suffer?

Chaired by:

Richard Bradley, Research Director, Platforum
Fergus McCarthy,
UK Distribution Director, Aberdeen Standard

Panel Discussion

Where is the Growth?

High customer acquisition costs combined with low ongoing margins have led many robo propositions to struggle. Yet some sectors have shown promise for D2C businesses, including workplace pensions, retail banks, direct investor enthusiasts. Which routes to market are most likely to succeed?


Panel Discussion

The evolution of platform markets

Some platforms will exploit their sheer scale; others will aim to differentiate themselves through their offerings and other strategies. Asset managers regard platforms as a key route market, while regulators and others see their potential leverage for lowering fund costs.

Chaired by:

Richard Bradley, Research Director, Platforum


Jaime Pérez-Maura, Global Head of Business Development & Sales Planning, Allfunds
Hugo Thorman,
Executive Chairman, Seccl

Digital demos: CX robo, mobile, AI...

See the latest developments from different markets around the world and assess their likely impact on your marketplace.

Best in class in customer experience
• Definitions – what is CX?
• Why is it important and where is ROI
• A simple framework for managing it
• Examples from within the financial sector and outside

Neil Sharp, Partner, PEN Partnership

15:10 Afternoon networking break

Our relationship with money - connecting with a younger and more diversified audience

Mark Adams, VP & Head of Innovation, Vice


Reinventing Robo?

• Do we really want to reach a new audience?
• Escaping from a legacy mindset
• Differentiation starts with targeting
• How are we going to make any money?


Lucian Camp, Principal, Lucian Camp Consulting


Panel Discussion

How will people invest in 10 years’ time?

Chaired by:

Lucian Camp, Principal, Lucian Camp Consulting


Romi Savova, Chief Executive Officer, PensionBee

Richard Theo, Chief Executive Officer, Wealthify

Mark Adams, VP & Head of Innovation, Vice


Chair’s closing remarks and close of conference

Jeremy Fawcett, Head of Platforum

17:00 Drinks reception

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